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Thank you! /2011/10/20/thank-you/ Thu, 20 Oct 2011 02:00:42 +0000 joepic-resizedWell, we’ve grown somewhat from my last message, (yes, the…”mine is smaller than yours” message) but ….so have the phones!!!

Obviously the allusion to the SMALLER IS BETTER theme in the cell phone industry, was a theme that I had always espoused, in the sense that companies that are smaller, normally deal with clients better, hence better service.

We have in fact grown in the past 14 years since our inception, and it was only natural to do so, but we have not lost sight of what was the original mission of our company: SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE!!

We span the globe now with a selected network of partners that are regularly visited by either me, or by our senior staff to assure that the high standards that we have set in our services are held by our partners worldwide.

Our ocean department, import and export have gained numbers to rival our strong horse: AIR IMPORT!
Air Export has required the hiring of additional personnel, and THAT is good news, especially in these trying times of economic uncertainty.

There can be only one answer to the success of a company such as ours: we have never lost focus of our mission-

And that mission is simply to understand the needs of our clients in an ever changing economic global scene.

Despite the general economic downturn experienced worldwide in the past few years, a company such as ours has been able to grow because we are able to react in REAL TIME to the client’s ever changing need. We benefit in fact, from the impossibility of the larger companies to personalize the services that are so ever needed by the clients. Let’s admit it; a small Ferrari gives more satisfaction than a large, pachyderm of a truck!!

With the nice picture of a Ferrari in mind I am happy to report that this message finds us in a very healthy state, we continue to offer the services that have distinguished us in the past, and are beautifully poised to continue our mission: SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE!

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all of our KOOL clients that have made our dream a reality.

”MINE IS SMALLER THAN YOURS” /2010/09/20/mine-is-smaller-than-yours/ Mon, 20 Sep 2010 02:02:55 +0000 I saw that catchy phrase proudly displayed on a billboard recently. It obviously got my attention, and I curiously searched to figure out its meaning. It was, of course, about cellular phones!

Well, I feel the same way about our industry. Smaller is better! Our business, the Freight Forwarding business, relies entirely on service. Good service is synonymous with ‘personalized’ service. When was the last time you (as a client) called one of the large Freight Forwarders to inquire about the position of your freight and actually had a human being pick up the phone? What ever happened to having a friendly, knowledgeable sales representative answer your call?

With those intentions in mind, I founded Cargo Tours International in 1998, after well over 20 years in this industry with large forwarders, with two main objectives:

1) To provide a ‘cool’ and comfortable place for my employees to work
2) To have happy employees service happy clients

My idea was simple: Provide supreme service and the customers will come!

Since inception, with the support of all our treasured clients and with the network of offices we have been able to open around the world, my theories have proven to be correct!

With that, I want to give all our cool and happy clients a heartfelt note of gratitude, and we thank you all for making our dream come true!

Joe Delli Carpini
President & founder